Full Arch Implants

Replacing a full set of teeth

All teeth implants or full arch implants are the preferred solution for the replacement of all your damaged or missing teeth and for the replacement of full dentures. Same Day Teeth Clinic Perth offers an implant-supported full set of teeth and the restoration of your natural smile in a single appointment and you go home with a new full set of teeth that will look, feel and function very similar to your natural teeth.

About Full Implant-Supported Teeth

For any full arch configuration the implants (minimum of 4) are strategically placed to obtain the most effective support and load sharing. By rigidly connecting the new teeth to the implants (and often with a metal framework) they stabilise each other, similar to a table top and the legs. This is the most efficient and cost effective strategy for implant-supported full teeth replacement.

Using computer design the dental implants are digitally positioned in the jawbone to optimally support the replacement teeth and if required a surgical guide is fabricated to assist the dentist in the implant placement.

In most instances the dentist will use the Same Day Teeth TMprotocol for a single day surgery so that teeth extraction, bone shaping and implant placement are carried out in a single day and the patient goes home with a full set of new teeth.


Upper full arch fixed implant prosthesis (teeth)

Full Arch Prosthetic Options

During the initial consultation and assessment the dentist carefully assesses your suitability for the Same Day Teeth TMprocedure and will discuss any concerns you may have. Every individual is unique and we make sure that the advice and recommendations we give are appropriate for each individual, both clinically, aesthetically and financially. Your options and costs of dental implants are presented to you in a Treatment Plan for you to consider and accept. Following is a list of configuration options that may have been presented and/or discussed by your dentist:

Implant Supported Overdenture

The denture prosthesis is snapped into place onto the dental implants and is removable

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Implant Supported Fixed Prosthesis

The prosthesis is fixed to the dental implants and is not removable

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All on 4 Prosthesis

The prosthesis is fixed to only 4 implants which are strategically positioned

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