All Teeth Replacement

Same Day Teeth Clinic Perth offers all teeth replacement in one appointment. Dental implants are used to support a full arch teeth bridge replacing all your teeth (upper and/or lower) that are damaged, broken-down or missing teeth or full dentures. Yes it is possible to have new teeth in one day!

All Teeth Replacement

For those who have lost most or all their teeth or are about to have their last failing damaged or broken-down teeth removed, the Same Day Teeth TMprotocol offers one of the most advanced replacement solutions that delivers lifelike prosthetic teeth attached to dental implants that are in-turn anchored in the jawbone.

This innovative technique delivers high quality aesthetic and functional results whilst eliminating the stress and disruption of multiple dental appointments and prolonged treatment periods.

Your suitability for the Same Day Teeth TMprocedure, the number and size of the implants required, and the structure of the prosthesis will be assessed by the Prosthodontist during your initial consultation.

The Procedure

On the day of surgery, the damaged teeth or existing support teeth are extracted.

Implants are inserted and the dental clinician will use surgical guides to ensure that the implants are precisely positioned. At the end of the implant placement an impression is taken, which is required for the laboratory to complete the prosthetic teeth or bridge.

The initial fibre-reinforced acrylic bridge is fitted to complete the Same Day Teeth TMprocedure and the first stage of your teeth replacement journey.

When you leave, you will go home with your new implant-supported teeth. They will look, feel, and function like natural teeth.

After surgery the implants must not move and be allowed to heal, meaning the patient must not bite and chew on the bridge. A soft diet is required and patients need to avoid clenching or grinding their teeth during this time. Your dental clinician may also recommend wearing a plate for added protection at night.

After a 3-4 month healing phase which is necessary for all implant procedures, the patient returns to confirm that the implants have healed satisfactorily. The second and final stage of the procedure is then completed. The patient may choose to have the original fibre-reinforced acrylic bridge remain for an extended period or have a highly aesthetic definitive ceramic bridge inserted. In either case your new teeth will look, feel and function like natural teeth and you will be able to eat all your desired foods and benefit from an uninhibited and improved natural smile.

Bridge Options

For the Same Day Teeth TMprocedure the patient is initially fitted with a fibre-reinforced acrylic bridge which has a warranty of 12 months. There are instances where the initial bridge is the final bridge. However in most instances the initial fibre-reinforced acrylic bridge is only temporary or provisional for the healing phase of the procedure. This will then need to be replaced at some time with a final or definitive bridge that will be stronger and longer lasting. The Prosthodontist will advise you of your options and will be very dependent on clinical factors and aesthetics. A definitive ceramic/zirconia bridge is usually recommended as it is not only the strongest and most functional but also the most aesthetic.

In some instance the patient may choose to have a metal-reinforced acrylic bridge which has a 5 year warranty. In this instance the Same Day Teeth TMprotocol may be extended beyond the same day appointment, but no longer than 2 days.