Same Day Teeth

The Cost of Same Day Teeth Procedures

The cost of the Same Day Teeth TM per say is reflected in teeth replacement solutions being greater value for money. Using Same Day Teeth TM the cost of implant solutions is often cheaper and more effective over the life of the new teeth. Also, less time in the dental chair equates to lower cost of Same Day Teeth TM

Highly Specialised Treatment

The Same Day Teeth TM protocol involves more highly specialised technology incorporating advanced digital technology and positioning systems. For teeth replacement highly specialised treatment equates to lower cost of Same Day Teeth TM

The challenge is to bring back your beautiful and uniquely own natural smile. It is a transformation that is very personal and needs to be very precise. In surgical terms there are often many individual smile design options and many factors that influence cost. Once you sit down with the Same Day Teeth TM team and you decide on your smile requirements, they will complete a comprehensive surgical assessment and give you the exact cost of Same Day Teeth TM treatment.

Same Day Teeth Costs

All-inclusive, Integrated Approach

Same Day Teeth TM using dental implant solutions requires a coordinated team approach to give patients the best experience possible and optimise results. The Same Day Teeth TM team of skilled dentists are trained in the complexities of the bone, gum, muscles, and nerves and all things oral. The Same Day Teeth Clinic team work together to deliver this all-inclusive, long-term dental solution.

Every patient is unique and more so orally, so teeth replacement solutions cannot be precisely enunciated without a full diagnosis and assessment. However we are able to categorise Same Day Teeth TM solutions and provide broad indicative cost of Same Day Teeth TM as follows:

  • Single Tooth Replacement (acrylic crown) starting from $4,000
  • 3 Teeth Replacement (2 implants and 3 unit partial acrylic bridge) starting from $6,200
  • Full Implant Denture (2 implants and lower jaw only) starting from $7,000
  • Implant Overdenture (4 implants only) starting from $10,000
  • All on 4 Implant Bridge (4 or more implants using pre-milled acrylic) starting from $15,000
  1. FEES maybe charged for extractions, bone grafting and gum grafting.
  2. The costs for a long term prosthesis, if and when required would be in additional to the above.