Same Day Teeth TM is a revolutionary concept and dental implant treatment protocol for the replacement of one, two or all missing teeth or existing dentures within the same dental appointment. Using dental implants, Same Day Teeth TM will restore your natural smile and your teeth in a single day.

The Same Day Teeth TMConcept

Same Day Teeth TMis a patient driven concept, based on the idea to minimise disruption to patients’ quality of life when providing teeth replacement options using dental implants.

The Same Day Teeth TMconcept involves:
One Team
One Location
One Day

Why Same Day Teeth TMis For You

The Same Day Teeth TMconcept replaces missing teeth or broken-down teeth in one day. Patients can avoid multiple surgical appointments and the need for a removable temporary denture during the healing period. The concept can be utilised to replace one tooth, multiple teeth or a full set of teeth. By minimising surgical intervention and recovery time, Same Day Teeth TMenables you to enjoy your new set of teeth sooner with minimal disruption to your daily life.

This innovative procedure and technique eliminates dental treatment impacting on your quality of life and lifestyle. Forget the need for unwanted plastic plates or dentures until the implant is strong enough to support an implant crown.

Traditional teeth replacement using dental implants may take as long as six to twelve months to complete and involves multiple surgical appointments. In the majority of cases, the Same Day Teeth TMprotocol requires only one surgical intervention, which reduces patient stress and anxiety and contributes to an optimal clinical outcome.

Same Day Teeth Clinic Perth

Same Day Teeth Clinic Perth is Western Australia’s only endorsed Same Day Teeth TMclinic, partnering with Aria Dental Implant Centre located in the Perth CBD to provide patients this revolutionary solution for the replacement of decayed and missing teeth and troublesome dentures using dental implants.

This means we have passed the strict requirements of a “SAME DAY TEETH CLINIC” that are put in place to ensure quality control and patient confidence in the field of implant dentistry. This endorsement makes us unique in our ability to provide comprehensive dental rehabilitation to Perth and the Western Australian community.

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