On-Site Dental Laboratory

Having an on-site dental laboratory is an essential part of the Same Day Teeth TMprotocol. Same Day Teeth Clinic Perth uses the services of Q-Lab, a high-end dental laboratory located at the same site.

The role of the dental laboratory in the Same Day Teeth TMprocess

Assisting patients with the immediate replacement of teeth is an advanced technique requiring not only the highest level of skill from a technological and clinical point of view, but also from a craftsmanship point of view in the dental laboratory. In order to provide patients with Same Day Teeth TM, Aria Dental works closely with Q-Lab (Quality Dental Laboratories Pty Ltd) to deliver high-quality prostheses in the shortest time frame possible.


Q-Lab is a specialised laboratory based in Perth, and is sought after by dentists for high-end aesthetic restorative cases and complex implant rehabilitation. The Principal Ceramist of Q-Lab, Mr Cosimo Petrucci, is a Master Dental Technician and Master Ceramist with extensive experience in full arch aesthetic rehabilitation.

When it comes to rehabilitating patients with missing teeth, a team approach is critical to the success of the overall process and quality of the final result. Whilst the dental clinician is responsible for the treatment planning and surgical phase, the overall aesthetic result, craftsmanship and replication of natural tooth structure is the responsibility of the dental ceramist. The dental ceramist holds the key to the overall success from an aesthetic point of view, and must work closely with the dental clinician for optimal results.