Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth Procedure

Clinical Requirements for Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth TM or Teeth in a Day is about providing Perth and the West Australian community an alternative dental rehabilitation option involving dental implants and allowing the patient to experience the benefits of fully functional teeth immediately on the day.

About Same Day Teeth

Same Day Teeth TM is a revolutionary treatment for the replacement of broken or missing teeth in just one day. A traditional dental implant procedure takes as long as six to twelve months to complete and involves 2 surgical appointments. The Same Day Teeth protocol requires only one surgical intervention which not only reduces patient stress and anxiety but contributes to a better outcome.

Same Day Teeth TM speeds up the process and lets you to walk out with a new set of teeth in just one day. Best of all, immediate tooth replacement with Same Day Teeth TM means you don’t need to wear a denture and you do not go home without teeth. In most instances, and depending upon individual clinical circumstances, the Same Day Teeth TM protocol is only the first stage of a two-stage process that is completed after the healing of your dental implants. This will be minimum of 3 months and up to as much as 2 years or more.

Same Day Teeth

Teeth Aesthetics an Important Part of the Same Day Teeth Procedure

Using state of the art technology, advanced surgical and reconstructive techniques, the specialist dentist can provide you with your new teeth immediately after your existing teeth are removed or your old dentures replaced. The options for the two stage process will depend upon your oral health and the final prosthesis requirements. The most optimal situation is to have Same Day Teeth fitted with provisional high strength milled teeth for the healing period of 3-4 months or more if desirable. Once the healing process is complete the final and definitive prosthesis is made and fitted. In some instances a patient may choose to keep the initial/provisional teeth or bridge longer.

Same Day Teeth

Implant Surgery Guides used in the Same Day Teeth Procedure

Dental Technology

The Same Day Teeth TM Procedure requires the joint involvement and partnership of the specialist dentist and on site dental laboratory. It incorporates, but not limited to the following technologies.

Radiographic Imaging

Radioactive imaging using an in-clinic 3D Cone Beam Scanner. This lets your dental specialist analyse the amount of bone you have in your jaw and define the gum line at your very first consultation, making treatment planning more accurate and reducing the risk of complications.

Digital Implant Planning and Computer Guided Surgery

In combination with the cone beam radiographic machine, digital implant software lets your dental specialist accurately plan where to position your implants before your surgery.

The digital implant software allows your surgery to be completely guided with the use of a highly accurate, milled surgical template. Digital planning and computer-guided surgery minimise the risks of complications during surgery by ensuring careful placement of the implants into the available bone.

On-Site Dental Digital Laboratory and Prothesis Milling Unit

Once the implants have been placed, the end result depends on having a dental technical support team on hand. An onsite milling unit allows your prosthetic teeth to be fabricated immediately and then placed in your mouth on the same day.

The success, longevity and health of your prosthesis and implants depend on the materials used and the accuracy of the fabrication. The best materials are single homogenous milled titanium, cobalt chrome or zirconia framework, as these have the most accurate fit. Traditional 'immediate teeth solutions' use cast frameworks, which are more difficult to fabricate accurately when compared to the milled framework used in the Same Day Teeth TM protocol.

Clinical Requirements for Same Day Teeth

To be endorsed as a Same Day Teeth TMpractice, a clinic must have the requirements:

  1. Dental specialist and highly trained dental professionals
  2. Offer sleep dentistry options
  3. On-site dental laboratory using digitalised systems
  4. TGA approved implant systems
  5. Offer patients immediate implant placement and immediate fixed tooth replacement

Same Day Teeth

Teeth Aesthetics

FAQs for Same Day Teeth

Following is the list of frequently asked questions about Same Day Teeth:

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