Single Tooth Replacement

Same Day Teeth Clinic Perth offers single tooth replacement in one appointment. A dental implant can be used to replace a missing tooth or a tooth that is damaged or broken-down and requires removal. Today tooth replacement using an implant is the norm.

Single Tooth Replacement

If a single tooth requires removal due to damage, Same Day Teeth TMallows for immediate tooth replacement without the delays often associated with conventional dental implants.

This innovative technique delivers high quality aesthetic and functional results whilst eliminating the stress and disruption of multiple dental appointments and prolonged treatment periods.

The Procedure

On the day of surgery and if required, the broken-down or damaged tooth is extracted.

A dental implant is inserted in a process known as immediate implant placement. This is to replace the root of the original tooth.

A prepared provisional acrylic crown is then fitted for a same day tooth to complete stage 1 of the procedure.

Immediate implant placement minimises the influence of dental treatment on the patient’s quality of life and routine. It enhances the patient’s psychological and physiological well-being and specifically, will prevent avoidance of any social interaction and depression often associated with the loss of a tooth.

Over the next 3 to 4 months, the implant undergoes a healing process known as osseointegration. During this period it is important the implant does not move. In order to eliminate any micro-movement of the implant, patients are advised to avoid eating hard and chewy foods. This will allow the implant to “rest” and maximise the degree of success.

After the healing phase which is necessary for all implant procedures, the patient returns to confirm the implant has healed appropriately. The second and final stage of the procedure is then completed. The patient may choose to have the original immediate implant crown remain for an extended period or have a highly aesthetic definitive ceramic crown inserted. In either case your new tooth will look, feel and function like a natural tooth.