Sleep Dentistry

At Same Day Teeth Clinic Perth, we are committed to ensuring the utmost comfort of our patients during dental procedures.

Dental Procedures Performed Under Sedation

At Same Day Teeth Clinic Perth, We understand that visits to the dentist are not something that many people look forward to, and we aim to change that by offering our patients the most comfortable and relaxing environment possible for their dental treatment.

In addition to modern facilities, relaxing music and treatment rooms equipped with personal TV screens, we offer various forms of sedation or “sleep dentistry” for patients undergoing Same Day Teeth TM. Also known as IV sedation, sleep dentistry can help patients relax during their dental procedure whilst assisting the implant dentist in carrying out the treatment.

Types of Sedation

Each procedure can vary in complexity and duration, and as such the extent of sedation may vary from patient to patient. Your dental clinician will discuss the various forms of sedation available prior to your procedure. This may include oral, IV and general anaesthetic options.

Your dental professional will recommend a suitable option for you based on your individual requirements and the nature of your dental treatment.