Teeth Implant

Preferred Teeth Replacement Solution

Teeth Implant in a Day

Teeth implants are the preferred solution for the replacement of several damaged or missing teeth and for the replacement of partial dentures. Using the Same Day Teeth TM protocol, teeth implant solutions offer new teeth and a beautiful natural smile in a single appointment.

About Teeth Implants

An individual tooth implant once healed and fully integrated and fused to the jaw bone provides a very versatile building block for teeth replacement solutions. There are a range of dental implant options to support your replacement teeth and rejuvenate your natural smile. You don't need a dental implant for every tooth. The number and placement of your dental implants are strategically made to offer the most effective support for your new teeth or prosthesis. Your dentist will recommend the best solution for you.

Teeth implants as with most implant solutions are able to be completed in a single day using the Same Day Teeth TMprotocol.

Implant Bridge Replacing Four Teeth

Why Teeth Implants?

Teeth Implants enable flexible teeth replacement solutions for a multitude of teeth problems involving any number of teeth. For sub full arch situations usually no more than up to 3 implants are required to support a prosthesis of 2 to 12 teeth.

Using Same Day Teeth TM protocol the teeth replacement may be completed in a single appointment with minimal pain and inconvenience.

Irrespective of the protocol the dental specialist incorporates the latest in teeth implant technology and is patient focused striving to provide a better and hassle free experience.

The teeth implants will be positioned and have the rigidity and capability of supporting a prosthesis that will match your natural teeth, both clinically and aesthetically.

Implant Supported 3 Unit Partial Bridge

FAQs for Teeth Implants

Following is the list of frequently asked questions about teeth implants:

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