Same Day Teeth

Teeth Replacement

Teeth in a Day

Using the Same Day Teeth TM protocol teeth replacement, be just 2 teeth or a full set of teeth may be completed in a single appointment. The damaged, broken down or missing teeth are replaced with an implant supported prosthesis (a prosthesis may be a bridge or denture, both full and partial). This teeth replacement protocol is also known as teeth in a day.

Teeth Replacement

If teeth require removal due to damage or because they are missing, Same Day Teeth TM allows for immediate teeth replacement using dental implants without the delays often associated with conventional dental implant procedures.

This innovative and propriety technique delivers high quality aesthetic and functional results whilst eliminating the stress and disruption of multiple dental appointments and prolonged treatment periods.

The Same Day Teeth TM specialist will propose what prosthetic teeth replacement solution is best for you both clinically and financially.

For multiple teeth missing, implants provide an ideal replacement mechanism and there is no to have need one implant for every missing tooth. Instead, implants act as supports for fixed prosthetic bridgework.

Teeth Replacement

Showing all teeth replaced by prosthetic teeth bridge on 4 dental implants

Teeth Replacement Procedure

On the day of surgery and if required, any broken-down or damaged teeth are extracted to start the teeth replacement procedure.

The dental implants are then inserted using guided assisted surgery. The location and number of the implants is clinically and strategically pre-determined according to the patient’s oral health and bone structure and the preferred prosthetics.

On completion of the implant placement and knowing the exact location of the implants allows the laboratory to complete the pre-milled high strength acrylic (called PMMA) prosthesis (bridge or denture, full or partial). This may take up to 3 hours while the patient is in recovery. When the prosthesis is completed and fitted the patient goes home with a very aesthetic fully functional set of teeth.

This completes stage 1 of the Same Day Teeth TM protocol also known as teeth in a day.

Immediate implant placement and immediate teeth loading minimises the influence of dental treatment on the patient’s quality of life and routine. It enhances the patient’s psychological and physiological well-being and specifically, will prevent avoidance of any social interaction and depression often associated with the loss of teeth.

Teeth Replacement Procedure

Showing 3 teeth replaced by 3-unit partial bridge on 2 dental implants

Over the next 3 to 4 months, the implants undergo a healing process known as osseointegration. During this period it is important the implants do not move. In order to eliminate any micro-movement of the implant, patients are advised to avoid eating hard and chewy foods. This will allow the implants to “rest” and maximise the degree of success.

After the healing phase, which is necessary for all implant procedures, the patient returns to confirm the implants have healed appropriately. The second and final stage of the procedure is then completed. The patient may then choose to have the original acrylic prosthesis to remain for an extended period or have a new highly aesthetic definitive ceramic prosthesis made and inserted. In either case your new teeth or prosthesis will look, feel and function like natural teeth.

This would be an optimum teeth replacement solution.

FAQs for Teeth Replacment

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